One of many community projects from Anderson University’s Communications department includes a video documentary named, “Homelessness in Anderson.” Over the course of several weeks, students from COM 451 collected footage, interviewed people, walked the streets and listened intently to those who helped tell the story of homelessness in our city.

Thanks to the crew who put this together: Jeremy Thompson (editor and camera operator), Simon Loftus (Director), Asa Waters (Producer), and Raheem Jenkins (co-editor). Our prayer is that this documentary spoke into their lives as an experience they won’t forget. Jeremy, Simon, and Asa invested many hours meeting with HOPE Missions volunteers and visitors. We were impressed with their eagerness to learn — far beyond just completing a project for school. The conversations covered a wide area and we’re sure it was difficult to distill the story down to a 20-minute video!

Many thanks to Bobby Rettew, Professor & Entrepreneur, for his leadership and guidance that made this project possible. We’re indebted to Bobby for his loving support!

May God use this documentary to soften the hearts of those who encounter anyone experiencing homelessness.

2 thoughts on “Homelessness in Anderson

  1. My name is Gregory Crusan. I will always be eternally grateful for EVERYONE at the Hope Mission and the Salvation Army. I can never say enough about the love and compassion that has come my way from both of these wonderful places. If you know me, then you probably know of my health issues, and everyone has been there for me. I could spend hours telling you stories of prayers, concerns and help that all of these beautiful people have given me. But today, I was in a very very bad place in my head. VERY BAD. And as if God heard me, Jen walks up to me this morning, like the Angel I am so sure she is (like all of you!), and says “I felt bad that when you were in the hospital that your phone and Clemson hat were stolen, so her, keep yourself comfy. And she gave me a Clemson winter hat. And like lightning, my emotional pain was gone in a flash. I can not begin to tell you what that meant to me. I love all of you so much. May God bless you all. Gregory C. P. S. Please Please let everyone see this. You all mean the world to me.

  2. What a beautiful and heart felt message, Gregory.
    Being seen , honored and acknowledged is a basic need of mankind.
    How wonderful that dear ones at Hope gave you this gift and reminded
    You of your goodness and worth.
    Wishing you peace and happiness

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