We’ve made some changes to our Wishlist process. Instead of one long list that seems intimidating for our friends, we now have two lists:

  1. Immediate Top Needs
  2. Recurring Needs.

Immediate Top Needs

These are items that we need to purchase for our operations now. Many of our friends want to buy things for us, so the shortlist includes underwear, coffee, and bowls for grits!! The cost of items listed here ranges from about $8 for coffee to $25 or so for things that come in waves! Even as I type this, I know I’ll have to edit this post!! But that’s the idea! Once they’re purchased, I’ll update this post. 🙂

Recurring Needs

The nature of our business requires a lot of socks, underwear, and instant breakfast items. We’ve listed those items that we go through all of the time here. Once we’re fully stocked, we’ll change the list to other things we need to pass out to our guests.

Please take a look at the list and pick an item or two (or more) to support our operations. We serve over 400 meals per week, from 60 to 105 people a day, Monday through Saturday. So far this year, we’ve served 16,258 meals to 838 unique individuals!! (January 1 through October 22, 2022). We could not do this without your generosity!! Y’all are amazing!!

Thanks in advance!

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