HOPE Missions continues to provide a Warming Center for Anderson County in coordination with Anderson County Emergency Management. We are excited to lean into this opportunity to serve our community! Thanks to all of those who have volunteered their time, donations of food, meals, and finances to make this happen! So many have reached out to support us in many ways, we can’t thank you enough!

Warming Center Operations

We open the center at 5:30 pm and offer dinner on nights when dinner is not offered by other providers. The LOT Project provides dinner on Tuesday/Thursday and First Pres on the first Sunday of the month.

When the temperature drops below 40 degrees, or during extreme weather, HOPE Missions serves as an emergency warming center for anyone in need of a safe haven. We will always share love and extend grace to those who need it most. Our desire is to help people move into healthier and more stable places in their lives by providing both short and long-term resources and showing the love of Christ to all.

This shortlist of rules is based on showing kindness to each other and is designed to ensure the safety and welfare of all who participate in any of our efforts.

1. Be kind

2. No alcohol, marijuana, or drugs of any kind anywhere on our property

3. No weapons

4. Men and Women sleep in separate accommodations, regardless of marital or personal relationships

5. No food in the sleeping area, snacks/drinks close at 8:30 pm. Water will be available in the hallway.

6. Bunks (air mattresses) are assigned by the staff by 8:30 pm

7. The sleeping area must be kept clean and quiet

8. Lights out at 11 pm, no one leaves the property

9. Doors locked at midnight. If you leave, you may not return

10. Staff will ask guests to leave the sleeping area at 7:00 am.

  • The areas will be clean and tidy by 7:30 am.
  • Since we share the building with Pardon, Probation, and Parole, no activity in the sleeping area is allowed after 8am.

11. Please cooperate with HOPE Missions staff – we’re in this together!

Volunteer Opportunities

There are two primary time slots where we need volunteers:

  • 7-10 am – Breakfast support
  • 5-8 pm – Dinner support when we’re open for Warming Center operations
  • Overnight team: 7 pm to 7 am. We use a 3-member team for the night shift teams with at least one female.

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