HOPE Missions of the Upstate serves as an emergency warming center for anyone needing a safe haven when cold temperatures threaten their safety or during extreme weather. During the winter (November 1st through March 31st), the Cold Weather Advisory Team reviews weather forecasts 48 hours in advance. When conditions dictate, the team determines if HOPE Missions should open overnight or very early in the morning.

We will always share love and extend grace to those who need it most. We desire to serve people by helping them move into healthier and more stable places by providing both short and long-term resources and showing the love of Christ to all.

We Need Your Help!

We’re looking for teams of men and women to volunteer to serve during the night, supporting warming center operations. We need adult men and women to cover overnight operations, typically from 10pm to 7am at HOPE Missions, in two shifts: 10pm – 2am and 2am – 7am.

  • First Shift
    • Typically 10pm – 2am
    • Setup cots, blankets, sheets, etc.
    • Make coffee, setup air pots, and condiments
    • Fill and turn on 100-cup hot water dispenser
    • Setup tables and chairs
    • Welcome overnight guests
    • Sign-in people using the check-in system
    • Brief Warming Center rules to group
    • Assign people to their specific cot
    • Perform 30-minute security checks
    • Secure door and gate at midnight
    • Monitor phone for late arrivals
    • Be available to interact with overnight guests
  • Second Shift
    • Typically 2am – 7am
    • Perform 30-minute security checks
    • Sign-in people using the check-in system
    • Monitor phone for late arrivals
    • Ensure coffee service area is clean and stocked
    • Wake-up guests at 6:30am
    • Secure blankets and sheets per guest
    • Clean-up sleeping areas

Please complete the form below or come and visit any day we’re open!! (Mon-Saturday, except last Saturday of the month from 7:15-10am.) We will follow-up with a phone call to talk with you about getting on the schedule. We’re here to ensure the safety and comfort of those experiencing homelessness or simply to escape the cold.

Lessons Learned

We continue to learn and hopefully improve our operations. The details listed above for 1st and 2nd shift are one example of how we’re improving. It’s too much to ask someone to stall for 12 hours. We’re learning!! Splitting the night into two shifts is significant. Both shifts have unique responsibilities. The first shift is where we always want to have extra volunteer servants. But the end of the second shift is important as well.

One or two extra people at the beginning or end make a huge difference. We are blessed by those who are able to can come for a few hours on either end.

Here’s a post that describes some of what we’re learning: Warming Center Lessons from a Full Week

Please contact Dave (dave@hopeupstate.org) for more information!


Warming Center Rules

This short list of rules is based on showing kindness to each other and is designed to ensure the safety and welfare of all who participate in our efforts.

1. Be kind

2. No alcohol, marijuana, or drugs of any kind anywhere on our property

3. No weapons

4. Men and Women sleep in separate accommodations regardless of marital or personal relationships

5. No food in the sleeping area

6. Cots are assigned by staff based on opening time

7. The sleeping area must be kept clean and quiet

8. Lights out at 11 pm, and no one leaves the property

9. Doors locked at midnight. If you leave, you may not return

10. Staff will ask guests to leave the sleeping area at 6:30 am.

  • The areas will be clean and tidy by 7:00 am
  • Wait in the “Living Room” until we are ready to serve breakfast

11. Please cooperate with HOPE Missions staff – we’re in this together!