We’ve made some changes to our Wishlist process. Instead of one long list that seems intimidating for our friends, we now have two lists: Immediate Top Needs These are items that we need to purchase for our operations now. Many of our friends want to buy things for us, so the shortlist includes underwear, coffee, and bowls for grits!! The cost of items listed here ranges from about $8 for […]

One of many community projects from Anderson University’s Communications department includes a video documentary named, “Homelessness in Anderson.” Over the course of several weeks, students from COM 451 collected footage, interviewed people, walked the streets and listened intently to those who helped tell the story of homelessness in our city. Thanks to the crew who put this together: Jeremy Thompson (editor and camera operator), Simon Loftus (Director), Asa Waters (Producer), […]

Our #1 rule for the Warming Center is BE KIND! Each night we reviewed the rules and asked everyone to repeat this first rule. We’re doing our best to create a culture of kindness at HOPE Missions. A place where everyone is welcome. Our BOGO Be Kind T-Shirts are available now! Please follow the donation link: https://hopeupstate.org/donations/be-kind-t-shirts/ to order one or more shirts. For every donation, we will give a […]

HOPE Missions of the Upstate is one of several non-profits that will benefit from this year’s Dancing for Our Heroes event, hosted by the Rotary Club of Greater Anderson on March 28, 2024 at the Civic Center. Get your tickets here!! Each non-profit is represented by a pair of dancers, who compete to raise money for their organization in the lead-up to the event. On the night of the event, each […]

Enable: 1) To give someone or something the authority or means to do something; 2) To make (a device or system, or let me offer…person) operational; activate In the recovery world and often in the world of people experiencing homelessness, the word “enable” has taken on a negative connotation. Recovery experts tell us that we should not “enable” our addict to continue in his/her addiction. They aren’t wrong. Many well-meaning […]

One of the significant ways you can support HOPE Missions is by providing monetary donations. We work hard to make every dollar count! In addition to our website (https://hopeupstate.org/donate), we also use Mighty Cause’s donation platform to get the word out. Whichever you prefer, please consider donating!! https://givingtuesday.mightycause.com/organization/Hope-Missions-Of-The-Upstate

It’s that time of year again! Last year, we had fantastic support and were able to distribute over 300 backpacks to those served at HOPE Missions, The LOT Project, Asher House, and South Main Chapel & Mercy Center. Thanks to great community support, the backpacks we purchased last year are available for $354 $346.92 a case (24) when we order enough quantity (link). Last year, we purchased 13 cases to […]

HOPE Missions of the Upstate Annual Report August 2022 Through July 2023 In the pages of this annual report, you will read how “the Mission” is a place for individuals in times of need. We know the programs and services we provide would not be possible without your generosity. Thank you for partnering with us to make a difference in many lives – and above all, kindness. Thanks to all […]

Years ago, during our time serving in the Air Force, we were stationed at RAF Alconbury in England. One of our goals was to use the weekends to explore ancient monuments, ruins, and especially castles like Warwick Castle or the infamous Leeds Castle. The visits with our young children were fascinating. We learned about England’s medieval history, about knights, kings, queens, and royal families. We walked in dungeons that reminded […]

One of the core principles of HOPE Missions is to serve our neighbors with unbounded love. We are the hands and feet of Jesus! It’s not a new idea by any means. The way we implement the command of Jesus to love one another centers on the word, Serve. I learned the hard way that “help” is a four-letter word. When we started HOPE Missions, we stepped into a huge […]

We were recently blessed to have an interview with Paul Brown on behalf of Anderson County. Here’s the video they produced that provides some background about HOPE Missions and highlights Ms. Honey Denison, the namesake for Honey’s Place. We are grateful for the continued support of Anderson County!