This is a coffee pot. But if you’ve been to HOPE Missions of the Upstate, you know that it isn’t just a coffee pot.

It’s warmth after a long night on the streets or in substandard housing.

It’s a symbol of hospitality, a place to gather.

I’ve had several “God moments” in the time I’ve been involved with the mission, but this morning I had the most touching conversation with a gentleman I’ve seen there several times but never spoken to. We sat on the concrete ledge of the parking lot together, and he told me a piece of his story. It was heartbreaking to hear. He was another human, a struggling, hurting human, who just needed another human to listen to him.

I believe that folks may come through the doors of HOPE Missions for the coffee, but they come back again and again for that validation: yes, we recognize your humanity. Yes, we love you. Yes, you matter.

One thought on “Not Just a Coffee Pot

  1. Thank you. For all your help and support but still I wonder, why have everything I ever loved left me. Why must we suffer and the town not have understanding. Why cant we all walk as equals. ?=McM

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