Love comes in many forms. One way to love on our guests is to help them find peace in the midst of turmoil. Art/crafts time lets us share a quiet, fun, and relaxing activity with our friends. Look for our “creations” one day soon at the Farmer’s Market. One of our guests said, “I feel like a child again. This is fun!” as she worked on her piece. He has […]

For nearly a year, we’ve had the pleasure of seeing Ms. Honey show up and say, “Breakfast is Served!” Honey’s been helping at The LOT Project for years, truly a part of the culture there. When the pandemic hit us last year, she began showing up at the shower trailer we had in front of the Salvation Army. Momma used to say, breakfast is the most important meal of the […]

This past Friday, a small group of volunteers that comprise Honey’s Place gathered to listen to a song and pray before opening the bay doors. The song, All Things Together (10,000 Fathers), includes a line that reminds me of the blindness we all suffer and God’s amazing gift to be healed from this Spiritual blindness. When I’m blinded, when I’m hopelessWill I have the eyes to see? All Things Together, […]

Thanks to a generous donation from Grace Episcopal, we’re now able to offer FREE local bus tickets to our friends! Deacon Mary Jeffers reached out to us recently and asked how they could help. At the time, we were planning to offer bus tickets but were looking for a church to sponsor the effort. God has a way of arranging appointments! Grace Episcopal already helps our friends at South Main […]

We want to say a huge thanks to those who continue to provide support for this ministry! It’s an incredible joy to serve our community by providing breakfast, snacks, drinks, etc., right on the street where many come by on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Since you asked (well, lots of people are asking), here’s a wishlist Julie Huber put together for Amazon. You may find these items locally if […]

16 Oct

One of our primary directives is to provide clothing to those in need. While there are several wonderful organizations that providing clothing, our guests seem to have a voracious appetite for one more pair of socks, clean underwear, or bra. In the last few months, we’ve received a lot of clothing — thanks to so many who have contributed! We’re in the process of converting the office into our clothing […]

We have the privilege of working with a great team of dedicated volunteers that prepare coffee, breakfast, and snacks every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. But that’s just the beginning. On the “other” days, it’s normal to find we’re looking for ways to help those we meet with transportation, housing, or perhaps meeting someone for lunch. It’s just the way we’re wired! Beyond the core volunteers that make up the Board […]

It’s really not that complicated and definitely nothing fancy, but we truly enjoy providing something for breakfast while many of our friends wait for laundry and showers at Clean Start (across the street). Each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, we have the privilege to hang out with some folks from our local community. Many of these come to Clean Start to have the clothes washed, dried, and folded or to take […]