For nearly a year, we’ve had the pleasure of seeing Ms. Honey show up and say, “Breakfast is Served!” Honey’s been helping at The LOT Project for years, truly a part of the culture there. When the pandemic hit us last year, she began showing up at the shower trailer we had in front of the Salvation Army.

Momma used to say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Ms. Honey

Honey LOVES to get up early and prepare breakfast for those we meet on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week. Whether they’re living on the streets, coming to take a shower, or just enjoying the fresh hot meal, Honey is on the ball! This past June she celebrated her 79th birthday — what an inspiration for all of us!!

When they leave, they’re full!

Ms. Honey

When we asked Honey to write a post about her experience at HOPE Missions, her first response was, “I ain’t got time to talk, I’ve got people to feed!” So, I followed her around to capture a few thoughts. To be fair, this is nothing new. Ms. Honey is all about action and she’s sincerely concerned about those we see and serve at HOPE Missions — that’s why we named our M-W-F service, “Honey’s Place.”

Enough words, here’s Ms. Honey in action:

Ms. Honey in action

We hope and pray you’ll get to join us one morning and help serve those we get to see daily. We know you’ll be as blessed as they are.

HOPE Missions of the Upstate — Being the Hands and Feet of Christ. Ms. Honey is a great example. Come and join the feast!

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