This month’s effort was simply excellent!  Our collaboration with Artisan Church, Asher House, Clean Start, Dominion Senior Living, HOPE Missions, the LOT Project, and Tiffany Black, the hair stylist, meant folks had an opportunity for a delightful breakfast, an invigorating shower, service information from several community providers, along with haircuts, shoes, coats, warmth item sets of hats-gloves-scarves, belts, and socks for the 89 folks who came!  Embedding agency representatives into the serving […]

3 Nov

We’re teaming up with several helping agencies to build 300 backpacks for those in the community we get to serve. Using our check-in system, we’ll ensure that individuals will receive one backpack each across several distribution points (LOT Project, Mercy Center, HOPE Missions, and others as requested). Our goal is to make VERY nice gifts for those we serve while being good stewards of all we’ve been given. The TEAM […]

We’ve made some changes to our Wishlist process. Instead of one long list that seems intimidating for our friends, we now have two lists: Immediate Top Needs These are items that we need to purchase for our operations now. Many of our friends want to buy things for us, so the shortlist includes underwear, coffee, and bowls for grits!! The cost of items listed here ranges from about $8 for […]

22 Oct

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “why don’t they just get a job?” It’s that simple, right? The quote, of course, is a visceral response to seeing someone in deep poverty and perhaps experiencing homelessness. Putting people in a box and labeling them “homeless,” “bum,” or “deadbeat” is the opposite of what we are called to do as Christ-followers. The main problem with “why don’t they…” is […]

Believe it or not, winter is coming soon!! HOPE Missions serves as the Warming Center for Anderson County when temperatures are below 38 degrees. As a “Warming Center,” we offer a warm place for people to sleep when the outside temperatures could cause physical harm. We have quite a number of people that either sleep outside (unsheltered) or live with no heat in their homes. Our goal is to fill […]

We are fundraising to serve men and women experiencing homelessness, a circumstance that automatically pushes them to the margins of society. Many of our guests also suffer from past trauma, mental illness, and/or addiction. We are seeking donations to fund a project called The HOPE Missions Healthy Healing Project. It will enable those we serve to engage in new patterns of self-care and expression through the arts and physical fitness. […]

Here’s our July 2022 calendar. We’ll update this as events are added, especially breakfast providers!! Contact Dave, Kim, Julie, or Evan if you want to provide breakfast or support a special event. Key Events: Art Room, 10-11 am, Wednesdays. This weekly event allows our friends to express their creativity using an abundance of art supplies generously donated by our community. It’s quickly becoming one of our most popular times of […]

The inaugural HOPE Missions Community Trash Clean-Up was a success! We had six total volunteers walk the streets of Anderson picking up trash, sporting our brand new HOPE Mission safety vests! After two hours of hard work, we decided to stop by the local pizza joint (Electric City Pizza) to grab a bite to eat and fellowship together.  We plan to meet every two weeks and aim to impact our […]

HOPE Missions continues to provide a Warming Center for Anderson County in coordination with Anderson County Emergency Management. We are excited to lean into this opportunity to serve our community! Thanks to all of those who have volunteered their time, donations of food, meals, and finances to make this happen! So many have reached out to support us in many ways, we can’t thank you enough! Warming Center Operations We […]

We’re open during this winter storm to provide a safe and warm place to stay. Coffee is on and we have plenty of snacks. Many thanks to Anderson County for the opportunity to operate in this space all the time, especially this weekend.