Just in case you don’t know it HOPE Missions is open 6 days a week and overnight when it’s cold all by the Grace of God and a whole lot of Volunteer Servants!! Simply put, we would not be able to operate without our amazing volunteers!!

Nametags from our Servants

Zoë and I were in early this morning to open the Warming Center. As we checked people in, I looked at the long list of names represented above. This, by the way, isn’t all of those who have served here – not by any stretch. But these represent so many faithful servants I just stopped and gave thanks to God for his amazing blessings.

When people ask what we need at HOPE Missions, my first response is people to serve. Yes, we consume a LOT of food, grits, coffee, water, etc., but what I’m most passionate about is having people experience what we’ve been able to see since the pandemic began way back in 2020. We see the unseen people of our surrounding community. Those who carry burdens few of us could ever bear. All of those we serve were created in the image of God. It’s up to us to show them that they are valued, that there is still hope in this world, and most importantly, that Jesus absolutely wants a loving relationship with each and every person we meet!

Blank Nametags

Your nametag is waiting for you! Come and join us!!

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