ID: WC232408

Dec 12 — Opening Tuesday @ 10pm

7 of 8 filled

WC08-A: Tuesday 9:30p – Wednesday 2a


  • Nick Glover
  • Freddy Chamblee


  • Eleanor Walters
  • Amanda Glover

WC08-B: Wednesday 2a – 6:30a


  • Mark Brackett
  • __________


  • Hope Hascher
  • Evelyn Bradley

One thought on “Warming Center Dec 12 @ 10pm

  1. Dave,
    You can put me in for Tuesday, WC08-A and Friday, WC11-A. I might be slightly late on Tuesday, as I have a Zoom meeting that can potentially last until 9:00. But it looks like the agenda is sparse, so I should be okay.

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