We are fundraising to serve men and women experiencing homelessness, a circumstance that automatically pushes them to the margins of society. Many of our guests also suffer from past trauma, mental illness, and/or addiction. We are seeking donations to fund a project called The HOPE Missions Healthy Healing Project. It will enable those we serve to engage in new patterns of self-care and expression through the arts and physical fitness. If you donate to this project, you will be funding: 

  • Furnishings and art supplies for our art room
  • Stage equipment for music and drama
  • Honorariums for visiting artists
  • Fitness equipment to promote physical well-being
  • Staff to oversee the Healthy Healing Project
  • But ALSO: community building, self-confidence, and therapeutic healing!

Please click the Mighty Cause Campaign button and donate as you can to help us reach our first goal of raising $3,000 and make it to the next level of this incredible opportunity.

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