Hope Missions has been an abundant answer to prayers and dreams I didn’t even know I had. I graduated from Texas Tech University with a degree in Animal Science.  I homeschooled my 3 children from K-12 in Kentucky, way before Covid made it mandatory.  When they all graduated I was an insurance agent for a few years. My husband of almost 36 years was promoted to heaven in 2015.  I moved to Anderson a year later to be near 3 of my 4 grandbabies.   My home has always been full of critters, but I’m down to only 2 sweet old cats.  One morning I wrote in my prayer journal, “Father, how can I serve the least of these?”  I had been convicted of being a couch Christian – taking all kinds of teaching and studying in, but not pouring much out.  10 minutes after that journal entry Kim texted me, asking if I wanted to be on her breakfast team.  I said, “Sure!” not knowing anything about it.  I have been there ever since and have fallen madly in love with the guests who arrive each morning, with every part of what Hope does and with this amazing team God has assembled.  I truly cannot imagine a more fun, loving, delightful group of people to call my new family.  I cannot wait to get to Honey’s Place every morning.  What I have learned about the least of these  – they are NOT the least – they are teaching me the greatest lessons.  “Please love me, and I will give you joy.”

One friend asked, “Why do y’all love me so much?” Final answer:  Jesus.